Seletti Outdoor Collection 2023 - new product launches

Seletti Outdoor Collection 2023 - new product launches

After a successful show at Maison et Objet, Seletti's new Outdoor product offer for 2023 had rave reviews. With the launch of new designers and inspired new products, the Seletti outdoor range is decorated with tongue-in-cheek art, sculptural terracotta pieces inspired by Greek antiquities and a sprinkling of fairy tale magic.

Magna Graecia by Antonio Aricò

Antonio Aricò, Italian designer-craftsman, originally from the small southern Italian city of Reggio Calabria at the end of the Italian boot, divides his time between his hometown where he works in collaboration with his grandfather, and his studio an old workshop in Milan.

Milan, a sophisticated and modern city contrasts with Reggio where sea and nature form an important part in his psyche. Two worlds, places and cultures that come together in his work as one.

It's not until you read about or meet Antonio that you see the sensitivity of the man. His closeness to his family, his working relationship with his grandfather (a master craftsman who has inspired him throughout his life) and his unashamed connection with his roots. A man of integrity who respects and sees the value of tradition as well as embracing the modern.

His collaborations with Seletti - Magna Graecia, meaning Great Greece, brings together his two contrasting worlds - inspiration from antiquities from the south with modern functionality.

Wood is his favourite material but has chosen terracotta for his project with Seletti. Terracotta (meaning baked earth) is a functional and unforgiving material. Its nude colour and natural imperfections are part of the look of the pieces bringing a sense of warm Mediterranean to the range. Jugs are reminiscent of familiar Grecian pottery and decorative objects are inspired by busts and sculptures from antiquity.

This new material for Antonio is both decorative and functional - "...I experiment, I research, I make mistakes...I try to bring a touch of warmth and humanity to my large-scale productions and at the same time I learn from these commercial and strategic processes"

The more decorative objects - busts Man and Poppea, along with two large and sensual 'bronzes' are inspired by the famous sculptures of Riace. Vases take the shape of male and female heads inspired by the ceramics of Caltagirone. The cup and the amphora jar show battle decorations and love scenes, as they once would have.

These playful and contemporary art forms can be used both indoors and outdoors.




Amanita Garden Set by Marcantonio

Amanita, the classic fairy tale mushroom, usually depicted red with white spots, are arguably the most iconic toadstool species. From traditional fairy tales to Super Mario and the Smurfs, they exude magical powers and often seem to appear from nowhere.

Marcantonio's latest range for Seletti, takes on his characteristic whimsical fairy tale approach. Often playing with inspirations from the natural world he brings to life an everyday set of outdoor furniture into an organic work of art.

Made from resin, waterproof and easy to clean, the perfect outdoor seating to create your own magical garden.

Mushroom stools and table in forest


Poolbed & Deckchairs by Toiletpaper Home

Here comes the sun.... Made at the same Italian factory that make luxury loungers for some of the best hotels in the world, this range of poolside sun loungers are clad in Toiletpaper works of art.

With stained beech frames they each have removable and washable printed polyester covers and matching pillows. The perfect hardwearing material for outdoor use.

Available in 7 designs from the Toiletpaper art collection for by the pool, on your terrace or wherever you choose to spend your sunny days.

 Pool beds and deck chair on beach

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