Serax - Maison et Objet 2023 new product launches

Serax - Maison et Objet 2023 new product launches

Marie Michielssen plays the lead role in the launch of products for Serax in Spring 2023. An artist at heart she likes to create products that have been shaped by her own hand. Her Earth pots are a good example, made from paper mâché sculpted into beautiful shapes are a global success.

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Molly & Mini Molly by Marie Michielssen

A range of stoneware vases large and small, available in an off-white stone colour (matt on the outside and glazed on the inside), that look fabulous with and without flowers.

Molly is based on three different styles, in six different designs across different sizes ranging from 14cm to 44cm tall. They are designed to be mixed and matched, a styling aesthetic loved by Marie Michielssen.

For those who can't choose a favourite, there is the Mini Molly Collection, a set of six vases all of a similar height and size and bearing the sculptural feel of the Molly range.

 Set of six Mini Molly Vases

Molly Vases | Plant pots 


Billy by Marie Miechelssen

Billy is a playful name that matches the cheerful and beautiful crafted shapes and hand-moulded textures that form these stoneware vases and lamp bases.

With a real nod to architectural ornamentation and structures the designs span relief work in horizontal and vertical patterns and arched and raised dots.

Billy Vases

Hand-moulded stoneware vases available in four designs each in two sizes.

"The shapes for the Billy Vases had been in my head for a long time, but it took a while to create them - waiting for the right moment" Marie Michielssen

The Billy Vases have evolved into a lovely mix and match collection. Marie first made them on a small scale but then ventured towards the larger version you see today.


Billy Lamp

Just as the Helena Vases were the inspiration for a beautiful table lamp, one of the Billy Vases also serves as a design for the Billy Lamp base.

The contrast of a sculptural stoneware lamp base and the simple lines of a natural linen lamp shade, the Billy Lamp uses these two textural materials to create an inspired light.



La Mére by Marie Michielssen

La Mére is a tableware range created as an ode to motherhood and nurture. It embraces and celebrates the shared meal as a moment that brings people together in otherwise fast-paced lives. A sense of warmth and connectedness, bringing family and friends around a carefully laid table. A range for everyone who cares about great food and hospitality, regardless of the occasion.

La Mére is a natural evolution for Marie Michielssen having experimented with the stoneware ranges of Billy and Molly and having realised the sculptural qualities of the Helena Vases and later the Catherine Lamp. With her skills in stoneware well and truly under her belt, Marie Michielssen's new competence has created a confident and complete range of tableware, glassware, cutlery, serveware and table accessories.

Despite the artisanal aspect, La Mére appears refined. All pieces in stoneware are finished with a a glaze in off-white or a warm dark brown, almost black, that is called ebony. As a third contrasting colour she has chosen a powerful Venetian red with the intention that the colours and shapes can be mixed on the table.

The range boasts a beautiful array of unique tableware shapes in the form of plates, bowls, cups and saucers, mugs, jugs and serveware. Irregular shapes and textures that began their lives hand-moulded and hand-crafted by the artist herself. Considered details such as lids for cups serve not only to keep the contents warm but also as a means of storage for sugar or sweets.

The serveware shapes and forms were designed with festive occasions in mind, including table centrepieces and vases to compliment the table arrangement.

The ceramics are accessorised with simple jewel-like cutlery of stonewashed stainless steel in both a natural colour and also in black. Serving utensils are made from wood and stonewashed stainless steel to match. The clean lines of the wooden trays show off the sculpted feel of the tableware and the glimmer of glassware in its grey hue adds a simple touch of class.

As an additional touch to the range, Marie Michielssen has captured her own image on stoneware plates with two hand-painted designs in black and white.


Catherine Lamp by Marie Michielssen

The Catherine Lamp with its soft ambient light, started life in the mind of Marie Michielssen, as an extension of the shape of the Helena Vases. The irregular shapes and textures of the vases expressed the hand-moulding and hand manipulation of the stoneware clay that Marie loves, and with which she herself experimented with before setting the new lamp design in motion.

Once created she realised that the lamp would be a great partner to and enhance the La Mére range of tableware, and so coloured the Catherine Lamp in the off-white, Venetian red and ebony to compliment the La Mére range. 

Available with a stoneware base and natural linen lamp shade and also as a papier mâché base and a white linen lamp shade.



Nido by Ann Van Hoey

Ann Van Hoey is certainly not unknown among lovers of ceramics. The ceramist from Mechelen (which lies between Brussels and Antwerp) has been highly regarded for years in Belgium and across the globe. Her work can be admired at exhibitions and in museums worldwide from New York to Taiwan and for this reason she was awarded in 2022, the prestigious Order of the Crown from King Filip.

Ann Van Hoey has been designing tableware in bone china for many years. Defining her style, her design process starts with a fairly mathematical approach. For Nido she has turned to technology to generate 3D models that she uses to make her moulds. The 3D lines created by the computer programme fascinated her, so she decided to use them to develop a series of patterns to apply to the tableware design. Each were different to each other but worked together as a whole, breaking away from the classic white tableware.

She chose a translucent glaze for most pieces that highlights the character of the flawless white china. Some pieces are also finished with a gentle jade-green celadon. 

The tableware is complemented by four simple glasses that share the same shapes as the cups - champagne coupe, red and white wine glasses and a water glass. Making three sizes of wooden trays in walnut, Ann turned to Japan for inspiration with very fine edges and small delicate feet that make the trays seem like they are floating.



Paulina & Clara Lamps by Anita La Grelle

Inspired by her five children flying the nest and their search for accessories to decorate their own homes, Anita La Grelle has created five ceramic lamps that form part of the Terre de Rêves Collection.

Designing with her daughter Pauline, the two larger lamps show an intertwineed base, a symbol of their relationship.

One of the striking features of the lamps is that the ceramic lamp shades all have tiny pierced holes, spread across the ceramic lamp shades in an almost whimsical fashion to create the effect of twinkling stars.

The Paulina Table Lamps tall and elegant with two different shade shapes and the three designs of the Clara Table Lamps are all made from stoneware.

Clara & Paulina lamps

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