Seletti Lighting Collection 2023 - new product launches

Seletti Lighting Collection 2023 - new product launches

The Seletti lighting range is a continual evolution of discovery and experimentation. A group of products united by new ways of thinking and the new products for Spring 2023 are no exception to this rule.

My Moon Table Lamp by Marcantonio

Seletti first reached into the celestial sky with their launch of My Moon, a giant floor standing crescent moon shaped light that illuminates dark nights for the home, garden or poolside. A resin spectacular!

This charming floor standing light became a best seller and so for 2023 a new moon was born, a porcelain table lamp accessible to all. Tiny and shiny. A dream for late night reading or imaginary space travels.

AC plug supplied.

Seletti Moon lights two sizes


Cupid Lamp by Uto Balmoral

Uto Balmoral, a Milanese designer, loves to provoke. Forcing a smile or a reaction from those who engage with his work.

Uto has created a number of products for Seletti from the amusing Gummy Table Lamps, the more serious and elegant Discobolux Table Lamp and the bubble blowing Wonder Lamp; all sculptural interpretations of the human form with a thought-provoking twist.

For 2023 Cupid has caught his attention. An iconic winged figure suggesting passionate desire. Usually portrayed as the son of Venus the goddess of Love and Mars the god of war: in Latin he is called Amor and in Greek, Eros. Those hit by his arrow are filled with uncontrollable desire.

As an amorous gift or a decorative sculpture the Cupid Lamp could light up anyones heart. This small child with wings drawing his bow and aiming his arrow with a lit heart shaped tip is an iconic lovers symbol the world over.

This product is available with two heart shaped light bulbs.

AC plug supplied.


My Little Bonfire by Marcantonio

Staring at fire is soporific, fire light is almost trance-like. Whether it's a small flickering candle or a roaring fire, the warmth of flames relaxes you.

So good for our souls this small reproduction has been created with a memory of a lit fire on a beach. A special evening of song and dance, food, stories and love. A burning symbol of all that is good in life.

An adorable addition to Seletti's My Little.... Collection. A flame that is easy to start and as mesmerising as the real thing. Contained in a removable glass dome.

Powered by a USB cable and plug, a portable little fire that you can take anywhere.


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