Top 10 Christmas Gift Selection

Top 10 Christmas Gift Selection

Our favourite top 10 gift ideas from Seletti.

Seletti UK mailing 5th October 2021.

Seletti Mouse Gift Idea           Seletti Mouse

Mouse Lamp 
15220UK  Standing: H14.5 x W6 x L13.3 cm
15221UK  Sitting: H14.5 x W6 x L13.3 cm
15222UK  Lying down: H8.1 x W6.2x L21 cm
New USB versions
RRP £72

My Little Holidaty Seletti Gift Idea

My Little Holiday
0459UK  Resin & glass ø 25.5 x H15.4 cm 
For indoor use only 
Cable Length 2.5 m
RRP £259 

Love in bloom Seletti gift idea


Love In Bloom
09922 Glass H24.2 x W7 x L16.5cm
RRP £93
09920 White H25 x W9 x L16.5cm
RRP £84

Glass Collection by Toiletpaper for Seletti

Glass Collection
Borosilicate glass & 24 carat gold

15980/1/2/3/4/5 Water Glass ø 8 x H8.5  cm
RRP £18
15960/1/2/3/4/5 Drink Glass ø 7 x H13 cm  
RRP £20
15970/1/2/3/4/5 Coffee Cup & Saucer
Cup: ø 6.5 x H8.8 cm
 Saucer: ø 11.2 x H1.97 cm
RRP £20

Dailyglow by Alessandro Zambelli Seletti

Seletti UK

15354UK Toothpaste Glow H6 x W8.5 x L23 cm
Cable length: 2.5 m
RRP £140

15355UK Tomato Can Glow ø 11.5 x H24.5 cm
Cable length: 5 m
RRP £95

Love in bloom giant Seletti present ideas

Seletti present idea

Love In Bloom Giant 
09926 Gold H60 x W20 x L42 cm
RRP £240

09924 White H60 x W20 x L42 cm
RRP £203

Grimm Lamps Studio Blow Seletti UK present Christmas 2021

Grimm Lamp Seletti Present idea UK

Grimm Lamp
Resin & glass H31 x W28 x L22 cm
13110  White
13111 Grey
13113 Red
13114 Gold
13115 Light Blue
13116 Pink
DIMMABLE - Indoor only 
USB cable length : 2.5 m included
RRP £179

Memorabilia Mvsevm Seletti Gift Idea

Memorabilia Mvsevm

Memorabilia Mvsevm
Fine porcelain
10071 Male Foot H20 x W14 x L37 cm
RRP £131

10072 Female Hand H13 x W7 x L32.5cm
RRP £109

10073 Male Hand H9 x W14 x L34.5 cm
RRP £109

10074 Mouth H13 x W7 x L24 cm
RRP £62

10076 Penis H23 x W7.5 x L15.5 cm
RRP £62

Cases Collection by Toiletpaper Seletti Present Idea

Cases seletti uk

Cases Collection
Polyurethane outer, Polyester lining and metal zip H12 x W12.5 x L25.5 cm
02590 Shit
02591 Hands with Snakes
02592 Lipstick Black
02593 Snakes
RRP £55

Guiltless by Tarin Seletti UK gift ideas 2021

Guiltless by Tarin Seletti UK gift ideas 2021

Fine porcelain, Available in 12 designs
Cup: ø 10 x H6 cm
Saucer: ø 15 x H1.5 cm
Coffee Spoon: H2.5 x L13.3 cm
RRP £45


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