Serax & Seletti Launch Flagship Shops in Selfridges

Serax & Seletti Launch Flagship Shops in Selfridges

We have worked closely with both Serax, Seletti and Selfridges to create four inspiring new spaces in London and Manchester. From concept to reality we can work with you to create an exciting space for these brands in your store.

Selfridges is one of the most iconic luxury design-led department stores in the world. An award-winning store that has always sought to do things differently. Their approach to retail is thought-provoking, fearlessly creative and pushing the boundaries of the conventional retail experience. Full of imagination, it’s a shopping experience that promises to surprise, amaze and amuse its customers. So it’s no surprise that Seletti and Serax have opened their must-see UK flagship shops in this incredible retail space.

We work with Seletti and Serax to grow their businesses and build their brands in the UK, not just selling into the retailer, but supporting the sales out to the end consumer. Creating awareness through projects like this one gives us the opportunity to show the brands offer in a complete and controlled way. This collaboration with Selfridges sees the brands come to life with exciting interpretations of the creativity that both brands offer.


Seletti is a dynamic, forward thinking brand, full of energy, fun and whit. A brand that is founded on a passion for art and how the visual world can change the world. So the challenge for Seletti is quite different to the challenge we face in supporting the growth of our other brands.

The original Seletti store opened in Selfridges Oxford Street, London in 2019 to huge success. The recent moves and shop openings were designed, developed and completed during lockdown and were ready to open on 12 April 2021. The space is larger, more compelling and with lessons learnt easier to shop and display.

Seletti Store In Selfridges London

Seletti-Selfridges Oxford Street, London

Seletti Stores in SelfridgesSeletti-Selfridges Oxford Street, London          Seletti-Selfridges, Trafford Centre, Manchester

The space showcases new and existing product collections and taking the pop art approach that is now synonymous with Seletti, the space has been designed to reflect Seletti’s collection of collections, with each product and product range displaying its unique personality highlighting it’s fun and innovative attitude to its product offer.

Consistency of branding and image is important across different store locations but at the same time expressing the brands unique personality. Both spaces in London and Manchester are adorned with the black and white Seletti stripe along with imagery from the collaboration with the American art magazine Toiletpaper.

Both spaces have the wow factor that the Seletti product deserves.


The calm, considered, simple but beautiful approach of the Serax brand posed a different retail display challenge.

Serax Stores in Selfridges

Serax-Selfridges Oxford Street, London

Serax-Selfridges Oxford Street, London         Serax – Selfridges Trafford Centre, Manchester

The concept had to enhance the simplicity and sophistication of the product. A contemporary colour-blocked backdrop with a statement back wall and versatile and re-paintable display plinths and cash desk was the chosen route. A minimal and simple approach which carries the concept from London to Manchester and beyond to other retail spaces. Be they small or large spaces, old or new buildings the concept always allows the product to shine. The simple blocks of colour that can change seasonally frame and enhance Serax’s variety of products and their material ept for your store.

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