Seletti celebrates Selfridges 2D Artistry... with a little help from Campari!

Seletti celebrates Selfridges 2D Artistry... with a little help from Campari!

The Selfridges promotional theme for early Spring 2023 is called 2D Artistry. It's a wonderfully uplifting theme of bright colour, pattern and texture with rich visual fun and playful aesthetics.

Collaborating with artists and designers Selfridges intend to inspire their customer to have a joyful January with a season of fun. From lovers, mothers, fathers, family and friends it's all about making life brighter with a Selfridges celebration - delicious food, fancy drinks, a thoughtful gift or an unforgettable experience.

Seletti are experts at having fun with their products and are continually embracing an aesthetic that transcends the expectations of retail. Their collaboration with artists puts them at the forefront of experimenting with the out-of-the-ordinary approach to pattern and design. And no more so than with Toiletpaper Home, a creative partnership forged with the USA art magazine Toiletpaper, bringing together their mutual love of art.



Seletti 2D Artistry design for Selfridges

In addition to their permanent shop in Selfridges, Seletti have been asked to take part in the 2D Artistry event, and celebrate with Selfridges for 6 weeks from 25 January - 05 March. Creating an amazing pop-up shop in the main central walkway of the Selfridges homeware department in the Oxford Street flagship store, the display is intended to highlight products that customers can not only buy but to celebrate special moments, big or small, with ever-changing products, showcasing lots of new products, best sellers and some timed exclusive launches.


Seletti 2D artistry shop floor 

Campari Crodino Bar

To mark the occasion located in the Seletti pop-up space, Seletti will bring a taste of Milan to central London with a complimentary Campari bar - Crodino Bar - serving a free sample of the amazing non-alcoholic Crodino drink from Campari.

 Crodino bar - Seletti

The bar will be open for 3 days over the weekend of Friday 17 February - Sunday 19 February from 6.30pm - 8.30pm and Sunday 4.30pm - 6.00pm.

As well as a fabulous free drink there will also be a discount voucher entitling the customer to 10% off any Toiletpaper purchase over the value of £200 - valid from 17 February - 05 March.

Selfridges are interviewing all the dream makers that have come together in the store to present their collections, so look out for a special Meet the Dream Maker interview with the Creative Director and Owner of Seletti - Stefano Seletti.

Contact us if you'd like to get involved in creating a concept for your store.

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