Hybrid. One World, One Future

Hybrid. One World, One Future

Hybrid by CTRLZAK

Hybrid is, as the word suggests, a unique range that fuses a combination of aesthetic and decorative styles from across the world. Using past and present, tradition and contemporary, the intention is to create a unique design inspired by the CeramiX Art Project, bringing art into everyday life.
The launch of the highly successful Hybrid Collection used inspiration from historic Western and Eastern ceramic decoration and shapes. Linking the complexity of the intricate designs of the past with the simpler contemporary designs and shapes of today. Both styles inspired by daily life and nature. Pretty florals inspired from botanica from across Europe, contrast with stylised Eastern imagery. Bold colours contrast with delicate. Ornate shapes with simple curves. A coloured line marks the boundary between the two styles, paradoxically strengthening the union.



The Hybrid Collection soon evolved from this first ceramic launch to explore in more detail the relationship between the cultures of China and Europe and focused on a new material - glass.

The drinking glasses, visually split into two halves change from piece to piece creating an eclectic mix of styles, both in shape, style and pattern. An enigmatic talking point for any dining table.

As with the ceramics, the drinkware reflects the fusion of East & West - the stylistic expression of moulded glass from Europe and the decorative themes typically found on Chinese objects, bring both a traditional and contemporary feel to the range. The end result is a new hybrid, expressing some of the decorative strengths of each culture.​

In the year 2021, and with Seletti’s renewed collaboration with CTRLZAK, we now see the expansion of Hybrid into Hybrid One World, One Future and with it a thought-provoking approach on how our diverse historical cultures from across the world can help us create a meaningful common future, bringing to the table an idealised global voyage connecting the cultures of the world. This new evolution embraces Africa, Central and Latin America and Southern Asia.

The research for the new collection examines the history of Western Europe and its relationship with the rest of the world, examining historical cultural perspectives. CTRLZAK explains “…taking the idea of the Hybrid collection to a new level, celebrating the uniqueness of the various cultures and giving each one of them the same importance. We believe it is necessary to understand more and more the value of the diverse traditions, and that we should be ready to embrace them in a positive way, so to create a more hybrid and conscious future.”  These ideas come together in three new main pairings India with England, Africa with France and Central America with the Spanish kingdoms.

The new range adds a more diverse layer of pattern and a new colour palette of earthy tones. Bold geometric brush strokes contrast with delicate French fine detailing. The authentic handmade shapes of pottery jugs that look like they have emerged from an archaeological dig, sit alongside a delicate fine bone china.


“Hybrid is one of our most iconic collections. I fell in love with it immediately, and I believe I can say, with a touch of pride, that the same thing has happened to many people” says Stefano Seletti, Artistic Director of the brand. “This evolution underlines the need to look at the world through different eyes, so that everyone can welcome other people’s uniqueness and improve themselves thanks to their influence”

Sharing food is one of the most important parts of human civilisation. An expression of friendship and coming together. Hybrid makes a powerful statement harmoniously linking cultures through different ways of sharing food, uniting and bringing together and giving life to plates, bowls,  cups and vases with an eclectic and cosmopolitan spirit. Seletti and CTRLZAK have once again renewed the classic idea of tableware.

All Hybrid products come in an eco-friendly packaging. Each item has its own moulded case made from 100% recycled paper and cardboard pulp and secured shut with a colourful satin ribbon. The cardboard pulp is moulded around each item with each piece securely nestled between its protective shell.  Apart from playing an important part in Seletti’s commitment to sustainability, this strong and durable packaging material, usually reserved for protecting the finest of egg shells, makes it an ideal protection for this porcelain tableware and glassware.


To help create a Hybrid World experience in stores, Seletti have developed an impactful display tool that is simple to create and shows off the best qualities of the range. It is modular and therefor flexible to fit any shape or size of table or fixture in stores. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

All Hybrid ranges are available to order directly from the Seletti website or by contacting us via email

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