Dieline Awards

Dieline Awards

The Dieline Awards 2014
1st Place for Multi Category Product Line – Makers & Merchants

What an achievement in our launch year!

The Dieline Awards were Established in 2010 to celebrate the best in influential design, innovation and pure excellence. They recognise the absolute best in consumer product packaging design worldwide, bringing awareness to the immense value that lies in
well-designed brand packaging.

We created Makers & Merchants as an eclectic range of food and homeware products that needed to sit together visually as a cohesive collection of products. Each product is commissioned by a specialist artisan, so it was important that the brand told a story of quality, craftsmanship and collaboration.

Collaborating with our friends at Horse we created the name, identity and packaging for our new brand.

The brand name Makers & Merchants reflects the approach to product creation, while the strict colour palette and bold graphic style ensures a sense of family but allowing the freedom to playfully reflect the personality of both the product and artisan behind it.

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