Danilo Manco - Power Dressing

Danilo Manco - Power Dressing

Danilo Manco, an expert in Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegars from Italy is loved by us all at Makers and Merchants. We love his sense of provenance, his care and attention for the land and traditional manufacturing process, as well as his divine olive oil blends, infusions and balsamics.

"The trick to a great dip or salad dressing is the quality of your ingredients" and we have those in bucket loads with this duet. A rich aromatic flavour with the beautiful deep colour of our vinegar combined with the luscious liquid gold of our tinged green Extra Virgin Olive Oil create a stunning multi tasking couple for any kitchen.

Modena is the spiritual and physical home of authentic balsamic vinegars. Like a French champagne, or a piece of parmigiano from Reggiano, balsamic vinegars from the Modena area are much imitated but rarely equalled, and ours comes with the important "I.G.P" certification: the "Protected Geographical Indication" label issued by Italy's agriculture ministry to prove its provenance.

As with our olive oil, proof is in the tasting. For more info about Danilo

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